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What makes a TVR carpet different from the others?

We go back to the authenticity and craft of the carpet-making arts, which are believed to be more than 3000 years old. Our carpets are oriental and hand-knotted in the most traditional way. Our unique concept is to add customized and personalized design.

We have a few “public” secrets that make our carpets unique:

  • Our carpets are hand-knotted with a Persian or a Nepalese knot.
  • The wool that we use is hand carded in-house by our employees in India and Nepal ; it is a very labor-intensive process in which the wool is combed to retain only the best material.
  • After being hand-carded, the wool is hand-spun by our own employees. It is important for us to control the entire process to always ensure the same high quality material.
  • Our unique dyeing process. This is how we can reproduce the same color over and over again with beautiful and subtle hues.
  • We get our natural silk from our own production facilities. The raw silk is quality-controlled in our own facilities. After that, this silk is also hand-spun by our staff.
  • The carpets are completely washed by hand during the finishing stage.
  • We create the design of our carpets ourselves. That’s how we master all colors, patterns and sizes and we can personalize them according to the wishes of our customers.

What is the difference between a hand-knotted carpet and a mechanical / hand-tufted carpet?

There are many differences. Here are a few:

  • A hand-knotted carpet has a pile. Since knots lie on top of each other, they are given a direction. You can feel it when you rub it: when your rub it in the same direction of the pile, you see the lighter shades of the carpet and when you rub against the direction of the pile, the carpet looks darker. You see a different lighting pattern from each perspective. This means that the carpet is alive and provides a unique light experience every time. A mechanical or hand-tufted carpet doesn’t have that.
  • A hand-knotted carpet is knotted. This means that it can never fluff, since the knot is fixed to the weft. In many mechanical and hand-tufted carpets you can just pull out the threads that form the thickness of the carpet. The risk is then that you get bald spots in places. With our rugs, the knot remains fixed and never comes off. Hence the longevity of our carpets.
  • A hand-knotted carpet can be washed again and again using traditional methods because this is a woven work. Water can flow through between the knots, so the carpet can be thoroughly washed deep down into the fiber. Mechanical carpets often have a plastic weft onto which the material of the carpet is glued. Water cannot penetrate this adhesive layer. That’s why these carpets cannot be washed. Often cleansing / dry-cleaning products are used; they are sprayed on the carpet and then scraped off. As a result, only the top layer is cleaned. The fibers at the base remain dirty.
  • A hand-knotted carpet is suitable for FLOOR HEATING. The small gaps between knots (not visible to the naked eye) allow heat to pass. When you hold your hand over the carpet, you can feel the heat coming through. A mechanical carpet has no open pores, and will let little or no heat pass through. In the worst case, in some mechanical carpets, the adhesive will even melt because of the heat and damage the floor as a result.

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