SOBERON masterpieces



Thibault Van Renne was fascinated by the abstract art of Koen Soberon. He approached Koen for a collaboration.

The idea Thibault had was to use Koen’s artwork and reintegrate it with different graphic conversion styles in blending colorations to create a unique artwork.
These pieces are made out of 80% natural silk and 20% wool in a unique innovative blend to create more play in color and to add a luxurious look. Never in the history of handmade modern design carpets have there been carpets produced that were more intricate and detailed in design. The use of more than 20 colors and the fact the weavers had to switch colors almost every 2 knots, shows the difficulty in production. 5th generation weavers with over 20 years of experience worked during almost 2 YEARS to finish these SOBERON carpets. It represents the culminus of arts and crafts in contemporary designer carpets.
THIBAULT VAN RENNE is known for pushing the limits of the arts and crafts involved in handmade-rug production methods. "Exploring the endless possibilities of an empty canvas". Thibault Van Renne set out to explore the possibilities and after 10 days came up with 5 unique artworks. They mark the point where painted ART meets oriental rug design. This clash of modern and classic and its' contrasts have always been very intriguing to Thibault Van Renne.
These pieces are only being produced once and are a series of 5 pieces of art in a unique quality as only THIBAULT VAN RENNE can produce.


The design process in steps from inspiration to final result and pictures of the finished pieces

Click an image for a larger view.


Original painting


Computer animated design created from the painting using different colors in this version.


closeup of the extreme detail and colors in this piece showing true craftsmanship


finished piece, 1st of the series. Soberon - golden wings - grey


lovely setting


piece no #2 Soberon - golden wings - grey purple


piece no #3 Soberon - infinity

Colour combinations

Technical specifications


Knots / m2

11/11 quality
Persian knot

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Blended wool and silk
handspun materials

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300x250 cm


limited to

5 pieces only.

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As we use carefully chosen natural materials, each Thibault Van Renne rug is individual and may differ slightly to what you see here.

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