Thibault Van Renne and José Lara, two creative minds with exceptional talents, have joined forces to create an exclusive and remarkable carpet collection. This collaboration is the result of their unique connection and shared passion for design.

José Lara, a renowned figure in the national interior design scene, has made a name for himself over the past five years. With a portfolio that includes residential, hospitality, and contract projects, his work has been featured in specialized magazines. Having worked in various countries, Lara has showcased his talent and expertise on a global scale.

Notably, Lara has participated in prestigious events such as "Casa Decor," Spain's most important interior design exhibition. His projects have earned recognition, including a special mention at the V awards in 2019 and the "Best use and treatment of color" award in 2021. These achievements reflect his innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

For the collaboration with TVR, José Lara drew inspiration from his artisanal roots, growing up in a family dedicated to fine fabrics, upholstery, and wallcoverings. This deep connection to textiles has instilled in him a profound appreciation for high-quality finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

The Thibault Van Renne and José Lara collection represents a meeting of extraordinary talents, combining their expertise and unique perspectives. Each carpet is a testament to their shared dedication to craftsmanship, luxury, and artistic expression. Discover this exceptional collection and bring the beauty of their collaboration into your home.

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As we use carefully chosen natural materials, each Thibault Van Renne rug is individual and may differ slightly to what you see here.

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