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Where are the carpets manufactured?

Our carpets are manufactured in India and Nepal. In India, our carpets are produced in the Kashmir region and in the Rajasthan province. In Nepal, our production is located in and around the capital Kathmandu.

Are these carpets Fairtrade?

To continue the production of the THIBAULT VAN RENNE design carpets, we depend on the expertise of our employees. From the carding and hand spinning of our wool to the colours of the materials and the knotting of our carpets, at every step we depend on the expertise of our local staff. Our extremely detailed design rugs in particular require advanced knowledge and sophisticated handcraft. Because of the complexity of the work, our weavers have at least 10 to 15 years of experience. Therefore, it is obvious that no form of child labour is involved in the manufacturing of our carpets.

There is a chronic shortage of weavers in the regions where we produce our exclusive design carpets. Wages are therefore already much higher than in other regions for similar work. Furthermore, we are member of Care & Fair, the largest organization worldwide specifically dedicated to the fight against child labour in our industry. We fully support this organization with, besides our membership, an additional annual fee. More information about Care & Fair here. They build schools and hospitals in the areas where weavers live and work, and where they can go for free.

Our employees work from 9 to 5, with a lunch break at noon and a tea break in the afternoon. We seek a positive atmosphere in the workplace where there is room for humour. Nonetheless, this job shouldn’t be underestimated since it requires enormous patience and concentration. To keep the authentic art of hand-knotting alive, we attach great importance to supporting our staff as well as possible in the exercise of their profession.

What sizes are available?

All sizes are possible, but also different shapes, like round, trapezoidal, or triangular are feasible. Through the years, we have specialized in exclusive design and tailor-made production. This means that we can personalize any carpet. We adjust the design, colours and sizes according to the needs of the customers.

Can the design/pattern and the colours of the carpet be modified?

Yes, certainly. Over the years we have specialized in exclusive design and customization, which means that we can personalize each carpet. To do so, we adjust the design, colours and sizes according to the needs of the customer.

Will the colours of my carpet fade away due to sunlight?

Our colours are fixed longer than normal on the materials used for our carpets. This means that the fibre is very deeply impregnated with the dye. This prevents colour fading due to sunlight. Despite this, all carpets, and even those of TVR, are subject to UV light. However, our carpets are only very marginally affected by this phenomenon so possible fading may occur only after many years.

How long will my carpet last?

Oriental hand-knotted carpets are known for their longevity. Our carpets are hand-knotted in Orient and in the most traditional way. The carpets featured in our collections can easily last 15 to 20 years, depending of course on the use. Some oriental rugs are 100 years old and still look beautiful.

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