2022 Marbella design & art

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Eleven days in which, through an innovative and exclusive assembly format, the  Adolfo Suárez Palace of Fairs, Exhibitions and Congresses in Marbella , with a diaphanous surface of more than 3,000m², is transformed into the best showcase of contemporary art and interior design.

Marbella Design offers a pleasant tour of its more than  50 spaces , where the best trends in residential and contract interior design can be found. In which, each exhibitor gives shape and life to their space with a specific decorative intention, using pieces from  more than 150 exclusive firms. 


THIBAULT VAN RENNE will display the newest arrivals and latest designs of the SPACES collection, which was awarded 2 international design awards. The unique pieces will be displayed in a golden cage, which acts as a mirror of reflection of the design and the onlooker. An immersive experience with a philosophical touch as the question arises : am i looking at art, or am I looking at myself. Is it reality or a reflection of it. Where are the rugs, where are they displayed and where should I look at.


TVR, a golden age, from 03-13 NOV in Marbella, Adolfo Suarez Palace of fairs.

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