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This piece depicts schoolchildren walking back from school in what looks like a rain of oriental rug pattern. As if the oriental pattern is falling from the sky and the children hide under umbrella's. The finished piece has an extra 3D effect by the hand carving that was performed at the end of its production. The result is a unique masterpiece with stunning, bright, lively colors and a unique 3D look.

This piece is only being produced only once and is one of 3 pieces of art in a unique quality as only THIBAULT VAN RENNE can produce.

Creative director Thibault Van Renne was approached by Anneke Coppens, photographer from Sint-Martens-latem who travels around the world making street photography.

Anneke wanted to have some of her photographic work made in Manila, The Philippines, to be produced in unique designer rugs.She was very explicit she didn't want exact copies, but wanted Thibault to use it as a base for a new creation of unique designer rugs with the purpose of pure art to be presented as wall decoration.

THIBAULT VAN RENNE is known for pushing the limits of the arts and crafts involved in handmade-rug production methods. "Exploring the endless possibilities of an empty canvas". Thibault Van Renne set out to explore the possibilities and after 10 days came up with 3 unique artworks. They mark the point where digital photography meets oriental rug design. This clash of modern and classic and its' contrasts have always been very intriguing to Thibault Van Renne.


The design process in steps from inspiration to final result. Also production pictures of our craftsmen in Rajasthan India during the production process can be found here.

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photograph anneke coppens

Original photograph

rainfall art project rug template

Rainfall project template - a detailed version of this in true size is printed for the weavers to follow as a map during hand knotting. It also shows the huge amount of colors being used in this design to have the photograhic and alive effect.


finished piece in full glory


detailed close up


wool and silk are dyed in the different colors of the design


proud of their work, as they should be. We are blessed to have such wonderful craftsmen that are able and willing to weave our unique and limited art pieces.


our weaver following the printed weaving-map which is extremely detailed and must be followed to perfection.

Technical specifications


Noeuds / m2

11/11 quality
Persian knot

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Handcarded + handspun wool
Handspun silk

detailed handcarving

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300 x 150 cm


limited to

1 piece only

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