Heavenly Earth

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Brown Davis Interiors and Thibault van Renne are proud to announce the launch of “Heavenly Earth” a rug line from the collaboration of “Brown Davis Exclusively for Thibault van Renne”

Through our collaboration, we have been inspired by the colors and composition of earth as viewed from above.  The planet is ever changing and our rugs are designed to be contemporary in their representation of the planet in it’s current state  but traditional in the age old craft of hand weaving.  The results speak for themselves in an array of nature inspired original and stunning patterns and colors.

The concept behind this line originated when Todd Davis was inspired by satellite images of the earth.  The compositions and colors were infinite and not something that could come from the mind of man.  The dream was to take what mother nature created and utilize modern technology to interpret designs that are then hand woven into wall hangings and rugs.

Enter Thibault van Renne with a chance encounter with Todd Davis.  After meeting and having an explosive hour long brain storming session, Thibault and Todd struck an agreement to take this idea and develop a new rug  line.  Having spent over 20 years custom designing carpets and rugs for their projects, Rob and Todd immediately recognized that Thibault with his 12 years of experience would be the perfect partner to take this project to life.  Our mutual goal was that the rugs must be original and beautiful.

We decided that our wall hangings would be a more literal interpretation of the images of earth and would be made of the highest quality silk and wool.  From the wall hangings we then decided to make floor rugs based on a portion of the design from the wall hanging.

Brown Davis carefully chooses the location and image of each design and is involved in every step of the creative process.  Thibault van Renne uses his extensive knowledge, creativity and uncompromising attention to detail to interpret the images with the latest computer technology.  The creative process of taking the raw images and creating patterns that can be hand woven is very complex, time consuming and requires a great deal of skill.  The wall hangings often use more than 20 different colors, which is a very difficult process requiring the most skilled weavers.  The weavers at Thibault van Renne have over 15 years of experience on the highest level of execution. They are 5th generation weavers who take great pride in their work.  Thibault’s expertise seamlessly brings this all together with rugs of exceptional quality and design.

From the initial vision to the final execution has required a team that is experienced, thoughtful and willing to experiment.  We believe the results speak for themselves and as we move forward, we will be creating additional one of a kind pieces of different areas of the planet as well unique rugs based on these designs.  We are proud to be the first to offer rugs based on this concept.


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Noeuds / m2

11/11 quality
Persian knot

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Handcarded + handspun wool
Handspun silk

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180 x 180 cm


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