French Savonnerie carpets were made at request of Russian private client. They needed not only to be in 14/14 quality (300.000 knots per m2) but also in pure silk of the highest quality. Another part of the difficulty of the production was the amount of colors needed in the final carpet. some pieces had more than 45 different colors. They were needed to translate the beauty of the design in terms of color flow and nuances. 3 different shades of blue for example, to make a beautiful blue gradient in the design.

In total 8 pieces were made, each with their own particular design wishes. The design was chosen by a russian interior designer, who picked the patterns according to the ancient French Versailles style. Sometimes the design was adapted more than 50 times by the customer, before perfection was achieved and production could start.

The weaving of 300.000 knots forced us to use the best weavers in Rajasthan with more than 20 years of experience. Depending on the size of these pieces, the production time varied in between 10 and 16 months.

This carpet now adorns a luxurious house near Moscow, Russia.

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14/14 quality
Persian knot

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100% handspun natural silk of the highest quality

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850 x 550 cm


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8 unique pieces

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